Podcast appearances: Your new marketing super strategy

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Want to connect with more of your dream clients, grow your practice, and serve the community in meaningful ways in the process? Consider pitching yourself as a podcast guest! In this post, I'm sharing my conversation with Dr. Cassidy Freitas, LMFT, on her podcast, Holding Space for Therapists, all about using podcast appearances as your new marketing super strategy.

(One of) my not-so-secret agenda(s)?

Making sure every last health and wellness professional on Planet Earth has at least considered the idea of pitching themselves as a podcast guest.

You already know I think it's one of the best (free!) forms of evergreen marketing available to us.

...that doesn't require you to block off massive chunks of your schedule

...or hire a schmancy team

...or call in a zillion favors

(...or even change out of your jammies, for that matter.) 

Simply put:

I think podcast guest appearances might just be the most powerful client-connection tool you haven't been using (yet).

So when my friend, Dr. Cassidy Freitas, LMFT, invited me on her podcast, Holding Space for Therapists, to chat about this very topic, it was an immediate heck yes from me!

(This is actually my second time joining Cassidy on her podcast. You might remember our episode-- alll the way back in 2019!-- about the magic of copywriting to connect with your dream client. Oh, you don't? You can tune in right here.)

I think you'll enjoy our conversation.

You’ll learn:

  • 3 reasons therapists make such outstanding podcast guests (Psst!: Don't miss the little rabbit hole we go down (all about *metaphors*) while discussing Reason #2. It's sure to kickstart some creative inspo of your own!)   

  • common myths that might be stopping you from pitching yourself... and the surprising truth about each

  • "insider" tips to help you stand out as a dream guest to podcast hosts + audiences (PLUS: Cassidy shares her own perspective as a host of TWO podcasts!)

  • simple steps you can take today to prep for your first (or next) podcast pitch

...and more!

Once you've had a chance to explore the episode, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Drop me a message over on Instagram (and be sure to catch my fun "After the Episode" chat with Cassidy below).

Now, without further ado... let's get into it:                                     

Podcast appearances: Your new marketing super strategy


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IGTV: "After the Episode"

One of my fave new traditions as a podcast guest is to host a little live "afterparty" whenever an episode airs! 

It's fun, practical, and super-casual:

I go live from the floor of my office and...

  • answer any questions you've sent in about the episode content (e.g., this time around, I'm sharing my thoughts with a counseling grad student who's wondering if it's premature to pitch herself as a podcast guest before she has a business up and running) 
  • pull back the curtain on any unique aspects of this particular interview (e.g., whether it was pitched or invited, any tech issues or other hiccups during the actual interview)
  • share a few key takeaways you can use ASAP to plan, pitch, and/or promote your own podcast guest appearances!    

BONUS: In this installment of "After the Episode", the podcast host herself, Cassidy, dropped in for an impromptu chat between therapy clients, content creation, and pumping! {*praise hands*} What a star.   


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