Why you should be pitching yourself as a podcast guest ASAP

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Let's talk about the best marketing strategy that NO ONE is using!

...OK, perhaps "NO ONE" is a slight overstatement.

But, seriously, I think this is the most underutilized strategy for marketing your health/wellness business...

It plays to some of your greatest strengths.
It's got a ridiculously low barrier to entry.
And it can fit seamlessly into your existing marketing plan.

So, what's the catch?

That's the best part, friend:

There isn't one!

Today, I’m sharing the top 5 reasons you should consider pitching yourself as a podcast guest in 2021:


1) Podcasts are huge right now

You may have noticed that audio is having quite a moment right now!

Clubhouse is blowing up, courses are streaming audio-only options, and this trend is only predicted to continue.

Podcasts are popping up in just about every niche imaginable, serving up on-demand content wherever people want it... whether that's in the car, walking the dog, or folding a giant pile of laundry!

There has truly never been a better opportunity for you to connect with your dream clients, right where they already are.

2) Podcasts give you a platform to share your message

As a podcast guest, you're positioned as the expert.

A credible, trustworthy source of guidance... especially valuable now, in this noisy online world where questionable (or even problematic) health and wellness information is shared constantly!

As a guest, you have the unique opportunity to contextualize and clarify complex topics within your area of expertise.

And in the process, you can share parts of your own story and the story of your business!

3) Podcasts are free, evergreen content marketing for you and your business

So, once they're published, podcast episodes live on forever!

And they're increasingly searchable, thanks to new distribution platforms and search engines like Pinterest.

Best of all?

They're highly replicable.

With some thoughtful planning, you can put together a core list of a few different topics and then pitch them over and over again to different podcasts.

Unlike in an article or a guest post, you're not expected to generate original material with every single pitch.

Thanks to the magical combination of you, the host, and just the way the conversation naturally unfolds, each podcast interview becomes its own totally unique piece of content!

4) Podcast interviews help potential clients (and referral sources) get to know you

You know I'm like a broken record over here, stressing the importance of embracing
anything that helps humanize you and your business.

Conversational communication.

And podcasts offer both in spades!

Oh, and podcast listeners are a unique bunch:

They tend to be deeply engaged. Unlike other content mediums, podcast listeners tend to tune in... and stay tuned in, often for 45 minutes or more at a time!

Think about that:

  1. What could you communicate to your dream client in 45 minutes?
  2. What questions, fears, or other barriers could you remove for them in that time
  3. What insights or relief could you offer them as real, meaningful proof of what you can do?

5) You can start pitching yourself for podcast interviews right away if you want to

No special introductions or fancy connections required!

Friend, if you'd like to try your hand at pitching yourself as a podcast guest, then I've got a brand-new, free training just for you!

Let's take action!

So, what do you think? Have I convinced you to give podcast pitching a try?

I hope so, because you're already a natural podcast guest. (I just know it!)

Here's your action step for today:



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