3 podcast pitch angles for health and wellness professionals

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Ready to start (or continue) pitching yourself for podcast interviews, but running low on inspiration? This one's for you, friend. In this post, you'll learn 3 unique podcast pitch angles that are perfect for health and wellness professionals looking to market their solo private practice, group practice, or other wellness business.  


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Pitch angle #1: Highlight intersecting issues
  3. Pitch angle #2: Share a new vision
  4. Ready to start pitching yourself as a podcast guest?
  5. Pitch angle #3: Speak from lived experience
  6. Recommended resources
  7. Let's take action
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It's probably the 2nd most common podcast-related question I get from health and wellness professionals, right after, "Can you please just write the pitches for me??":

(Any guesses?)

Here it is:

"What topics should I be pitching?? I feel like every topic under the sun has already been dissected to death."

And while I'm here for the angsty drama of it all... I promise you:

1) There's always room for more conversation on just about any topic.
2) It's not about dreaming up totally new topics. It's about identifying new ways to explore the right topics. 
3) I can help you with this. :)

Bottom line?

It all begins with some good old-fashioned RESEARCH.

(I know, I know... cue more angst.)

Ready to learn where + how to begin your own podcast pitching research? You'll find the juiciest bits inside this (free) video training.

Prefer to take a little shortcut?

I've got some drama-free inspo all teed up for you, friend.

Pinkie promise.

Read on for 3 unique podcast pitch angles you can use to market your health + wellness business:

Pitch angle #1: Highlight intersecting issues

Is there something happening in the news that highlights the intersection(s) of multiple identities or issues you work with?

Unpack the nuance in a timely conversation sharing your take through your professional lens!


Who this is great for


If you're a health/wellness professional who:

  • works in a niche that's often misunderstood or oversimplified in the media
  • wishes to deepen the conversations around complex, intersecting issues
  • has the capacity to jump on timely topics and record + promote your interview within a tighter-than-typical timeframe

...then this might be a great podcast pitch angle for you to explore!  

Why it works


By connecting complex, intersecting issues to a public news story or event, you'll have a unique window of "buy-in" from audience members who might not otherwise take notice. 

Plus, by grounding your topic in a high-profile story, you'll have ample illustrations and examples to draw upon that'll help bridge connections with your target audience. 


Witness it in action

Leeja Carter, PhD | "Black Women Athletes Reimagining Sports" | Therapy for Black Girls: The Podcast


Pitch angle #2: Share a new vision

Is there a status quo in your field that's harming the people you serve (or the healers + helpers who serve them)?

Call it out and share a new vision for your field + steps to help make it a reality!


Who this is great for


If you're a health/wellness professional who:

  • works in a niche that's experienced little disruption to its structures + practices over the years 
  • wishes to effect systemic change 
  • has the boldness to challenge widespread assumptions + support your position with evidence 

...then this might be a great podcast pitch angle for you to explore! 

Why it works


Podcast content that aligns perfectly with public opinion might be comfy to create... but it's not how change happens. (And, to be honest, it's kind of a snoozefest.)  

By taking a firm stand to challenge longstanding assumptions, you're producing polarizing content of the best sort: The kind that helps expand our collective vision of what's possible.


Witness it in action

Dr. Natasha Larmie | "Medical Care Without Weight Stigma" | What the Actual Fork?!: The Podcast


Ready to start pitching yourself as a podcast guest?

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Pitch angle #3: Speak from lived experience


Is there a relevant piece of your own story you can judiciously share?

Speak from lived experience to help contextualize + humanize your professional expertise!


Who this is great for


If you're a health/wellness professional who:

  • works in a niche that's saturated with "textbook" explanations + professional jargon
  • wishes to help connect clinical knowledge to human experience
  • has the support, boundaries, and other resources to thoughtfully determine what + how to share from your lived experience    

...then this might be a great podcast pitch angle for you to explore! 


Why it works


Quite frankly, we can find clear, actionable guidance in all kinds of places these days. What keeps us tuning in to our favorite podcasts is the human element.

By intentionally weaving in pieces of your own story, you'll not only shorten the runway for audiences to get to know you... you'll help bring your expertise into full, living color for them.  


Witness it in action

Michelle Smith, addictions counselor | "Exploring Mommy Wine Culture"Happy as a Mother Podcast


Recommended resources 

Now that you've got some podcast pitch angles to work with, let's explore how you can use podcast pitching to grow your health and wellness business! 
Check out these blog posts:


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