10 places I use stock images in my business

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Looking for ways to put your Social Squares membership to use in your business? In this blog, I'm sharing 10 ways I use stock photos for my website design, Pinterest images, email marketing, Instagram images, Zoom background, and more! PLUS: I'm offering a free gift if you try Social Squares using my link!


Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. VIDEO: 10 places I use stock images in my business
  3. Place #1: Website
  4. Place #2: Instagram
  5. Place #3: Pinterest
  6. Point #4: YouTube
  7. Place #5: Email
  8. Place #6: Programs
  9. Place #7: Presentations
  10. Place #8: Zoom
  11. Place #9: Background / Screensaver
  12. Place #10: Vision / Mood Board
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When you think of all the different places you could use stock photography in your business, what comes to mind? Well, in this blog I'm going to be sharing 10 places I routinely use stock images in my business. I’ll be highlighting my favorite source of style, and stock photography, Social Squares. If you haven't tried Social Squares yet and would like to, I'm offering a free gift just for you. More on that later. 

If you're new to Social Squares, don't let the name fool you. There are so many powerful ways that you can use these images beyond your social media presence. In fact, in the last year alone, I've taken entire months off of social media and I've still had my Social Squares tab open every single week, pulling images to use in different parts of my business. 

Read on for the 10 places I use Social Squares in my business:

Please note: You can support my blog by using the affiliate links below! If you go on to make a purchase, I'll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you! 


VIDEO: 10 places I use stock images in my business


Place #1: Website

The first place I use Social Squares images is on my website. If you visit my site, you'll see other than professional photos I've had taken of myself, it's pretty much all Social Squares images. I use them as the hero images scattered throughout the pages of my site. They're in the sidebar, calls to action, on every single core page of my site, as well as landing pages. Then on every last blog post I publish, you'll find Social Squares images there too.  By the way, that's just my current website I'm talking about. I'm actually in the process of a complete website redesign and you better believe I've got a Dropbox folder bursting with Social Squares images to use. 


Place #2: Instagram

Up next is Instagram. Now social media is what most people think of when they think of Social Squares and with good reason, Social Squares images work beautifully across any social platform you could possibly use. I use Social Squares images for my static posts, carousels, covers for my reels, in my slides during lives, and highlight covers, really, you name it, Social Squares images are scattered all throughout my Instagram. Instagram is the specific platform that I'm focusing on right now. Though in the future, if I were to hop over to a different social media platform, I will absolutely be bringing Social Squares images with me. They're just that good. 


Place #3: Pinterest

The third place I use Social Squares’ images in my business is on Pinterest. Now, you already know how much I love Pinterest. I've got a little playlist you can check out right here. These are videos that I've done on Pinterest. There are so many different ways to use images on that particular platform. If you visit my Pinterest account right now, you'll find a Social Squares image right there at the top as my cover image. I use them for my board covers to give them that uniform look and for my actual image pins, of course. One thing that I love in particular is that the images are so high resolution and often include so many different parts and pieces to them. You can use different portions of a single Social Squares image to create several unique pins that the Pinterest platform will recognize as fresh pins. That is a super helpful time saver and one more thing that I love about Social Squares since I've been uploading more and more idea pins. As soon as Social Squares makes their stock video available, you better believe I'm going to be using that in my idea pins as well. 


Place #4: YouTube

This place, which might not surprise you if you found me here, is YouTube. I use Social Squares images, not just for my channel art, but also for all my video thumbnails, as well as B roll footage that I include inside my videos.  


Place #5: Email

Okay, number five is email. I tend to keep email format pretty simple, but I do include Social Squares images as section headings inside my monthly roundup email. Now that I think about it, even in my weekly emails where I share a piece of fresh content in the form of a blog post or YouTube video, that pulls in the image associated with that piece of content. This is almost always a Social Squares image. So yeah, in every single email I send, there's at least one Social Squares image. 


Place #6: Programs

This one is inside my programs. So currently I use these images inside both of my group coaching programs, Copy for Healers and Helpers, and Pitching for Healers and Helpers, and in my free challenges that I offer, both the Copy Bank Challenge and the About Page Challenge. The student portal inside every single one of those programs is littered with, you guessed it, Social Squares images. 


Place #7: Presentations

Let's talk about presentations. Anytime I'm asked to give a talk or a guest workshop in someone's community for example, anytime I'm building out a slide deck for anything at all, I go straight to Social Squares to pull the images that I need.  


Place #8: Zoom

I've also on occasion used Social Squares images as a Zoom background. So usually when I'm recording or I'm on a video call, I'm in my little attic office. If I'm ever displaced or on the road and I have a less-than-ideal background behind me, I have pulled Social Squares images to create a nice, cohesive professional look.  


Place #9: Background / Screensaver

I know from chatting inside the members' Facebook group that a lot of Social Squares members like to use Social Squares images as their desktop background or screensaver, and I have definitely done that as well.  


Place #10: Vision / Mood Board

Finally, whenever I'm in the dreaming or brainstorming phase for a new project or an idea in my business, I like to start by creating a vision board or a mood board. I pull Social Squares images to help me flesh those ideas out. I spend a lot of time in my business up to my eyeballs in Google Docs. I find it genuinely inspiring just to grab a cup of coffee and scroll through the catalog of new images on Social Squares. Just the process of immersing myself in so many different images, I can't help but feel inspired. 


Claim your FREE GIFT! 🎁

So, what do you think? Am I enough of a Social Squares fan girl for you? Is it clear how much I love them? I hope so because I really do. I've been a member since the start and I am a proud affiliate of Social Squares.  If you want to give them a try, go ahead and sign up with my link. Then send me an email to let me know I'm in, I'm a Social Squares member, and I will send you a little gift as a thank you. I've written a special set of caption templates that you can use on social media, in emails to your list, and really, wherever you promote your business online.

My friend, if this is the first blog you're finding on this topic, I've got more for you to check out right here.


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