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Looking for help using Instagram to market your business? In this post, I'm sharing my picks for the best Instagram business tools, including best tools to create Instagram posts, the best free Instagram marketing tools, the best Instagram posting tools, the best tools to manage Instagram comments and DMs, and more!


Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    2. Tool #1: Portable phone holder + ring light
    3. Tool #2: Styled stock image subscription
    4. Tool #3: Graphic design software + templates
    5. Tool #4: Post scheduler
    6. Tool #5: Desktop communications manager
    7. Recommended resources
    8. Let's take action
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Not long ago, I hit a little online marketing milestone:

I've been representing this business on Instagram for 3 years.

And while my strategy has definitely evolved in that time... 

Turns out, the actual tools I've been using haven't changed much at all!

Wanna know what they are?

Read on for my picks for the 5 best Instagram tools for business:

1) Portable phone holder + ring light


The constellation of scrapes and bruises I'm rocking at any given moment are testament to this fact:

I'm not what you'd call physically "graceful".

So, trying to hold my phone while filming a Reel, going live, or any other such task poses a serious challenge for me.

Enter: My handy-dandy little portable phone holder + ring light contraption.

Why I love it:

  1. I can carry it around with me. (Or clip it onto whatever I need to clip it onto.) 
  2. I can switch on the built-in light when I'm filming in the early AM (or during one of our lovely Minnesota seasons of endless gray).

It's truly become a staple in my Instagram workflow each week!

2) Styled stock image subscription

I'm all for showing up authentically online. A well-placed selfie is a wonderful way to help bring your message to life.

But, trust me, friend:

You do 
not want to see my attempts at DIY "stock photography". (Think: Rainbow pens scattered on a desk, adjusted endlessly by me, and still... not quite right.)

Social Squares-- the styled stock subscription I use to source beautiful, professional images for my business-- has not only saved my evolving aesthetic on Instagram. It's also saved me untold hours of frustration. 

As an early adopter of Social Squares, I've had the pleasure of witnessing their evolution over the years.

From incorporating images from guest photographers around the world to prioritizing body diversity to introducing timely collections (like #workfromhome, #vanlife, and more)... the Social Squares team is owning their commitment to produce images that reflect the membership of business owners they serve.

And to sweeten the deal even further, they now include caption templates and monthly marketing trainings with your subscription    


3) Graphic design software + templates

If I try to imagine running my business without the help of Canva... my brain starts to glitch. ;)

As a non-visual-learner, this design platform has been instrumental in helping me create post images, carousels, Reels and Live replay covers, Stories templates, Highlight covers (... and that's not even counting all the ways I use it off of Instagram, as well!) 

And as I prepare to hand off much of the design work in my business to a virtual assistant, I love how easy it's been to organize my different templates and projects into shareable folders.

If you've been using the free version of Canva, I recommend trialing the Pro version to see if the extra functions, branding tools, etc. are useful in your business. (Personally, I felt the value immediately!)  



4) Post scheduler

After all the effort I put into creating content for Instagram, the last thing I want is the responsibility of actually making sure it gets posted! ;)

That's probably why posting schedulers are the Instagram tools I've spent the most time trialing, so far.

I've tested out tools like Plann, Planoly, and Later... and while they each have their own pros and cons, Tailwind is the tool I've come back to again and again.


  1. I'm already familiar with it, having used it to manage my Pinterest schedule for years.     
  2. I love the simplicity of scheduling everything from my desktop. (More on this below...) I can easily drag outlines + captions from other tools on my laptop without having to hunch over my phone all the time. But, when I do want to post from my phone...
  3. The Tailwind mobile app syncs automatically with my desktop schedule, making it a cinch to toggle over to my phone when I'm on the go.

5) Desktop communications manager

Not a "tool" per se (although you certainly can try Chrome extensions like Inssist), but definitely deserving of a spot on this list:

Making the shift to managing my DMs and comments via desktop has been one of the most helpful Instagram habits I've developed. 

2 major benefits I've experienced:

  1. It's spared my eyes and neck from the strain of spending long stretches on my phone. 
  2. It's helped me engage more intentionally with my audience, without getting pulled into the time-sucking, overstimulating, mindless-scroll vortex. 

Questions about any of these Instagram tools for business? Drop me a message on Instagram + I'll be happy to share my experience!

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