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If you've been in the market for a new website template, you are in luck. Tonic Site Shop, my very favorite choice for website templates is running a sale and they're introducing a new template, as well as discounting all of their past templates.  If you've been kind of creeping on different template options and trying to decide on one for you, now is a really great time and save some money in the process. 

To make it kind of fun, I thought I would call out a few of their templates. I picked three of them and I want to just highlight some of the coolest features about each of them. 


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  4. Template #2 Margarita
  5. Template #3 Lillet Blanc
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I've talked about my love for Tonic Site Shop before. I wholeheartedly believe in this company from the beauty and performance of their website, template designs, all the way through to their customer support. They really create an end-to-end experience for their customers. 

As someone who spends much of my day up to my eyeballs in Google docs, working with copy-coaching clients, I really love that Tonic’s templates make it super-duper easy for the words you've written and the actual look of your website to go together beautifully like PB and J. 

I often say that Tonic templates are both perfectly designed right out of the box and highly customizable. So, depending on your goals, you can either get a beautiful high performing website up and running over the weekend if you wanted to, or you could take the time to jazz it up and customize it with your own brand style and colors. The templates are also designed to grow with you. As your business evolves over time, as businesses do, you can make some strategic tweaks to your Tonic template so that it truly reflects the business you're running today. 

Now, before we get into my favorites. I just want to say that no matter what kind of health and wellness business you're running, any of the Tonic templates can truly work for you. 

I just thought it would be kind of fun to walk you through some of these demo sites with a particular business in mind to help get the wheels turning.  

Read on for my favorite templates I would like to share with you.

Please note: You can support my blog by using the affiliate links below! If you go on to make a purchase, I'll receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you! 


VIDEO: Website template demos | Tonic Site Shop Review


Template #1 Bijou

I want to start off by telling my minimalists, about the Bijou template. I love this template for folks who like the more minimal aesthetic, lots of white space, and room to breathe on the page. I also love that it gives you lots of opportunities to really lean into your copy, into the writing. For instance, on your about page, there's really a chance to do some storytelling, speaking to the situation of the person who's landing on your site and connecting it to you and what you have to share.

I also love that there's a little too long, didn't read version where you can call out specific pieces. There are beautiful spaces where you can have either a solid image background or some video. It's so crucial when someone lands on your site for the first time that they find meaningful signals that they're in the right place. This template just gives you lots of beautiful space to do just that.

Bijou also has a clean navigation menu that populates the whole page on the desktop. As you hover over them, you can see the typeface changes. It's just really subtle touches. Again, you can swap out your own brand colors, fonts, or whatever you want. Part of the beauty of these templates is that they're front-loaded with some really professional design choices already made for you.

The services page on Bijou lets you call out what you specialize in, your primary service or offer, but then down below there are opportunities to highlight other things that you might offer. As visitors scroll down the page, they get glimpses of each of these different pieces, which they can click over to and learn more.

It’s a really stunning template. I think this would be such a good fit for some of you that find other templates out there a little busy, a little much, Bijou might be a beautiful option for you.


Template #2 Margarita

Next up for all of you coaches or other service providers who want to infuse a little playfulness in your website, check out Margarita. This template is so much fun, right from the jump you have opportunities to sprinkle in your own personality, highlight what you do, and what you're about, and share resources you've created. I really love the section that just calls out one specific opt-in freebie. This is such a powerful way to drive opt-ins to your email list. 

I also really love how the navigation menu is structured on Margarita. You have at the top, your main nav bar, but then further down there is a little box, this gives you a chance to call out a few options in a punchy way. For instance, you can have a call-to-action button that you really want folks to take. You’re obviously not locked into any specific categories. It will just give you an idea of what you could do with this template, but let's say you have a podcast. Let's say that's the primary way you're creating content for your audience. Their example of an incredible podcast page has options to tune in at the beginning or you can highlight specific episodes. It looks so beautiful and so professional. 

Again, Tonic sites are so high performing. There are lots of opportunities baked in for social proof to guide people back to your email list, and your resources, all while maintaining that really fun feeling on this site. 


Template #3 Lillet Blanc

Finally, if you're a healer or helper who's interested in diversifying your income, maybe you want to lean into affiliate marketing opportunities or brand deals. There’s Tonic's, newest template, Lillet Blanc.  This template is really beautiful, it's got some rotating video up in the hero image space, and really striking typography. Again, you can switch that out with your own brand fonts if you like, or you can just roll with the design choices they've already made. For social proof, there's a chance to highlight some confidence logos, places you've been featured, and lots of opportunities to customize it with whatever you're trying to promote.

However you're choosing to diversify your income beyond your primary offers, there’s a little polite popup you have as an option. It's very easy to X out of.

Like all the Tonic templates, there are beautiful blog pages, but what I really want to show you is the media kit, which comes baked into this particular template. This is designed for brands to land on, on your site and it gives them absolutely everything they would find in a traditional media kit. But it's right there on your website looking absolutely stunning, all of your relevant statistics, and information about the audience that you reach, you can highlight past brand collaborations, campaigns that you've done, and case studies. Again, you can make this as robust or as simple as you like. They've mocked up some really awesome ideas for how you could feature this kind of media kit information, right there on your website. There's even a space for social proof, from brands you've worked with, a list of clients, differentiating factors, and frequently asked questions. It's a really outstanding feature on this particular template. Lillet Blanc, check it out.

I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration and helped you envision how you could use templates like these for your own website. Again, I think Tonic templates are always a good buy, but right now it is an especially good time to give them a try.

You'll find links to each of the templates I've mentioned to you here, as well as a link to the entire shop so that you can explore all of the different options there.


Save up to 20% on a Tonic template! πŸŽ‰

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