Ready to make magic with your words?


Outsource the research (and the perfectionism)
get back to the work you love most.





Current sitch:

You're just a bit too close to your writing to see it clearly...

Caught in a perpetual loop of tweaks + second-guesses.

Or maybe you're simply not feeling the copy love anymore... 

But asking for help feels like declaring defeat.


I hear you. And here's the truth, friend...


No matter where you are with your copy right now, your effort has NOT been wasted.

Every solo brainstorm sesh, allll the messy drafts, each moment of feeling like you’re drowning in your own ideas (or wondering why you have none)...

It's all valuable. It's all 100% legit progress that's brought you to this exact place on your copy journey.

And I’m here to meet you, wherever you happen to be.

"Creating a copy bank has forever changed the way I write. Michaela's strategies for finding words that resonate with my dream clients are GENIUS." 

Alyssa Elaine, Holistic Wellness Coach


Meet your message.
Banish writer's block.
Communicate with confidence.


What could you do with your own custom bank of words? 

Your business is totally unique + so are the benefits you'll experience from a Copy Vault Intensive.

Whether you're building a communication strategy from scratch or preparing to scale or pivot, a custom Copy Vault can help accelerate your progress.

No matter how you plan to put your Copy Vault to use first, you can be sure you'll experience some powerful shifts in your business:


Say goodbye to copy inconsistencies. Watch as your brand voice + core messaging emerge in bold before your eyes.


Equipped with a bottomless well of meaningful content to share, you'll tell that blinking cursor exactly where to go.


With your own Vault of words to draw from, you'll grow confident in your ability to represent your business wherever (+ however) you wish.

The most powerful writing tool
you've never heard of.


Delivered right to your inbox (in 1 week).


"I felt like a huge weight had been lifted."

"After our initial call, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

It’s a scary thing to turn over drafts you have created, but Michaela is so approachable and friendly, the process wasn’t intimidating at all.

She excels at what she does (and makes it look like fun!). I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the experience.

If you’re struggling with the creation/writing portion of your business, Michaela is the supportive colleague you need.

I’m proud of my website and excited to build my practice with confidence."  

Barbara Barrett, RD | Integrative & Functional Nutrition

Hi! I'm Michaela Bucchianeri, PhD, LP.

Do I believe we ALL can benefit from developing our conversational copy skills

You bet I do.

But, friend, this doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.
ESPECIALLY if it's feeling forced + stressful.

As a psychologist, I GET all the unseen effort you've invested, to craft a message that represents you + your business. 

And as a health + wellness copy coach, I specialize in bringing that message to life.

You've worked hard on your copy.
Let's start putting it to work for you.

"Michaela, I absolutely LOVE this. THIS is exactly what I've been wanting to capture all this time! Thank you!!"

Mara Hirschfeld, LMFT | Holding Hope Marriage and Family Therapy


Here's how we'll make it happen:


- 1 -

You’ll complete an in-depth pre-work questionnaire, handing over all the details about you + your business, your dream clients, your stuck points + struggles, and your ideas + work so far. 

- 2 -

We’ll kick off your Copy Vault Intensive with a strategy call to finalize the plan for your custom Copy Vault. Then, you’ll relax (or focus on other parts of your biz) while I get to work bringing it to life.

- 3 -

Within the week, I’ll deliver your Copy Vault file + video guide to help you explore it yourself. You'll also gain access to 30 days of Voxer support as you put your Copy Vault to work in your business!


It feels like magic. 
But it's actually psychology.

We often think "more time" is what we need, but it's all about how we use the time we have.

By harnessing the simple power of focused attention (+ a firm deadline), I'm able to dive deep into a project + stay there til it's done

Bringing all your communication efforts together to create a clear, comprehensive + totally custom vault of words for your business.


You're closer than you think to making (real-life) copy magic.




Flexible payment plan available

  • In-depth questionnaire to draw out every last draft, detail, and half-baked notion you've been carrying around in your beautiful brain
  • 90-min kickoff call to finalize the plan for your custom Copy Vault 
  • Time to rest + recharge (or focus on other parts of your biz) while I get to work creating your Copy Vault 
  • 1-week turnaround of your Copy Vault file (delivered in the format of your choice)
  • Video guide to orient you to the Copy Vault + your personalized process for using it


30 days of Voxer support 
to help you put your new Copy Vault to work in your business!


"Now, my website is a true extension of me!"

"I knew Michaela was the "one" for me through Instagram and her website. Our first call sealed the deal: She's incredible!

Working with Michaela was true perfection. She taught me so much about the psychology of online communication and the shift in my perspective has been tremendous. I went from feeling overwhelmed to more deeply connected than ever to the people I want to serve.

Michaela is truly in the trenches doing the work-- analyzing every word and thought. You will never feel alone or unsure of what to do or how to do it. Michaela provided the structure, understanding and feedback I needed, tapping into the visual examples and metaphors that worked best for my learning style. She really personalized everything for me so I "got" it at a unique level. 

Now, my website is a true extension of me and feels like I'm right there online, talking to my people! To have my voice and vision distilled into crystal-clear words has given me a better understanding of my work and values. The confidence I've gained is amazing and something I lacked for far too long."  

Carolyn Rubenstein, PhD, LP | Licensed psychologist

🧭 Choose your own (copy) adventure πŸ—ΊοΈ

The magic of the Copy Vault lies in its flexibility. No matter what your communications goals are, a custom bank of words can help accelerate your progress:

Got another goal in mind?
Let's see if a Copy Vault Intensive's right for you.

"The essence of who I am as a therapist..."

"My website copy was rigid and stiff and did not embody the brand of my practice.

Michaela was able to capture the essence of who I am as a therapist so easily.

She really held this entire process and all my vulnerabilities from start to finish so beautifully. Only a therapist could do that!

I give her my highest recommendation. Absolutely and without hesitation.”

Kerrie Mohr, LCSW | A Good Place Therapy


Your Copy Vault is yours to use (or share) as you like:



Created with you in mind, your custom Copy Vault is designed to be put to use right away, without any extra assistance. (And if questions do come up? I'll be standing by to support you via Voxer for 30 days.)   


Wanna hand off some (or all) of your copy tasks to a VA or other team member? From onboarding employees to hiring contractor support, your Copy Vault's made to share. 


What's a surefire way to earn the respect of your copywriter, launch strategist, or web designer? Introduce 'em to your Copy Vault + earn instant client brownie points! 


"Our practice has found its personality and voice."

"Not only is Michaela a pleasure to work with-- always so professional, kind, and genuine-- but, she's also an incredibly talented copywriter.

With her copy support, our practice has found a personality and a voice.

Michaela's done such an excellent job helping us communicate what we stand for. We cannot recommend her and her skills highly enough."  

Anna Schupp, PsyD, LP & Sara Schilplin, PsyD, LP | Sonder Behavioral Health & Wellness

Wondering if a Copy Vault Intensive is right for you?

Think this might be just the support you + your copy have been looking for?