Psychology Today profile tips (2021 UPDATES)

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I took a look at my Google analytics the other day, to see which search terms have been sending the most traffic to this site lately. 

And, well... I noticed a bit of a trend:

(I don't know, can you spot it? ;)

And it makes total sense to me from an SEO perspective, given the gravitational pull of this enormous blog post I wrote awhile back.

(It walks you through the entire process of setting up your Psychology Today profile and optimizing it to reach the right people.)

So, rather than recreate that post in (lonnnggg) video form, I've decided to film a little UPDATE for you, sharing my top three tips for what's working well in 2021, speaking as a licensed psychologist + copywriter:


Let's get into it, shall we?

Tip #1: Address all things remote

So, absolutely, at a minimum, you need a clear statement indicating that you're seeing clients or patients remotely.

Psychology Today makes it really easy right in their profile builder to spell this out, so that it's right up at the top of your profile and it makes you searchable.

However, you should also be doing whatever you can to normalize and frame this as the regular way therapy is happening these days... because it is!

You could:

  • include a photo of you sitting at your computer so they can visualize what it's going to look like sitting with you
  • let them know really clearly if you offer your services via video, phone, or both
  • list out the different devices that they could potentially use to access your services. (For instance, not everyone knows you can attend therapy using just your phone! This is game-changing information for many people out there.)
  • weave acknowledgments of our remote reality into the narrative of your profile

Regardless of what you help people with, this has touched some aspect of their
experience-- in some cases, profoundly.

Use what you know about people, in general. Many of us are:

  • working from home in some capacity
  • overseeing distance learning
  • existing in more confined / less flexible spaces

There are so many considerations influencing people's experience of therapy that might be creating a barrier for them and make it seem less accessible.

How can you speak to these potential questions and concerns that people have, right there on your profile, to invite them in to take the next step?

And use what you know about your people, in particular.

For example, if you work with couples, they might be wondering, "How does this
work? Do we sit together in front of one screen? Do we log in from different devices? Does it matter?"

Or if you work with kids, caregivers might be wondering, "How will play therapy look in an online modality?"

Anything that you can anticipate for your people and speak to, with regard to our remote reality, is going to be beneficial on your profile.

Tip #2: Embrace video

Psychology Today now gives you the option of including a brief intro video along with your profile. (And YES, I absolutely recommend you take advantage of this!)

Now, if you're thinking: Gah, I'm not super comfy on video!

Trust me, I get that.


If you're offering therapy services online, you've already overcome the biggest hurdle:

Showing your face while the camera is running!

At the time of this recording, many of us are approaching a full year of unanticipated 
teletherapy. {Collective deep breath as we let that fact sink in.}

So, as strange as it might feel to hit record and talk to a camera, you've probably been doing it for months now!

Try to keep this in mind:

Video can feel awkward on our end, but to our prospective clients it's really helpful. It helps them visualize the experience of sitting with us, which is so super important.

Especially now.

Tip #3: Celebrate your specialty

Now, you and I know that there's a variety of different clients and patients who you could serve really well.

But, when it comes to your Psychology Today profile, now more than ever, it's essential that you focus in on one particular sweet spot...

One type of client
Or couple
Or family

...who you dream of working with. 

I mean, look around! Demand for our services has never been greater.

And so we owe it to the public (and to ourselves) to be supremely clear about who we're most qualified and most delighted to serve.

Trust me:

This is going to help cut through all the noise on the platform and land your profile in front of the right people. 

Smoothing and supporting their therapy-seeking process AND helping fill your schedule with your perfect people.

And to prove to you how doable this is in real life, here's an example of what an actual Psychology Today profile can look like when these simple updates are in place.


Here's your action step for today:

  • Set a timer + see how many of these updates you can incorporate on your own Psychology Today profile! 

Cheering you on!

So, now you've had a taste. Wanna see what else I've cooked up for you?

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