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This post is Part 1 of a 5-part series on Guest Blogging! 

Seems like everywhere you turn, there’s pressure to be CrEaTiNg CoNtEnT. The benefits (to you, your biz, your dream clients) can't be denied, after all!

Only problem? You don’t really have a "platform".

(And the thought of starting one from scratch kinda makes you wanna hide in an adult-sized pillow fort.)

Or maybe you DO have a blog or other content platform, but you’re kinda burned out on it. And the thought of throwing even more energy at it stirs up escape fantasies (see: aforementioned pillow fort).

If you're feeling any of that, you're in mighty fine company, Katya. Audience building is a marathon, not a sprint... and marathons are notoriously exhausting. (Come to think of it, sprints are pretty exhausting, too, but I digress.)

One refreshingly straightforward strategy for growing your audience while serving them well at the same time?

Meeting them where they're already congregating online: In other people's audiences.

And one of the most powerful (but get this: least complicated) ways I've found to do this?

✨ Guest blogging ✨

Today we’re kicking off our series on guest blogging with Part 1: How to identify your guest blogging goals.

Now, there are many good reasons to consider guest blogging, but most of them fall somewhere within these top 3:

1) Guest blogging helps build your credibility

Don’t have an active content platform of your own (yet)?

No problem!

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to start getting your name and your message out there, even if you’re still working on establishing your own online presence.

Like other forms of content marketing, guest blogging is a chance to build familiarity and trust with the people you’re trying to reach with your business.

And while many marketing experts emphasize the importance of conveying your "authority" (through credentials + other traditional markers of professionalism), credibility really boils down to one key question:

"Can you help me?"

Once you're clear on who you're trying to reach + what they’re currently struggling with, then it’s simply a matter of addressing that key question through your guest post.

Do that, and you’ll be well on your way to building a loyal audience of dream clients who’ll follow you anywhere… starting with your own blog + website!

✍ For example:

As I built my copy bank for the stepmom project I've been working on, I created a column of questions, worries, and dilemmas that stepmoms might be dealing with (e.g., "How can I stop worrying about the future?"). Then, I broke these down into bite-size pieces that I knew I could "solve" in a single post of, say, 5 quick tips (e.g., Stop a "What If...?" Spiral in 5 Steps). Practical posts on a specific, relevant topic are excellent credibility builders!


πŸ‘† Your dream client when they stumble upon your guest post

2) Guest blogging helps you reach new audiences

Ever feel like your real job, day in and day out, is creating fresh content for your people? 😰

I hear you. Content marketing takes serious stamina. And if we're not careful, it can quickly crowd out the other demands on our proverbial plate. (<-- Here's your gentle reminder to do an end-of-week sweep of your schedule + To Do list, and make sure they align with your actual goals.)

But let’s face it:

Sooner or later, even the most dedicated content creator will need help spreading their message to new audiences.

That’s one (more) reason guest blogging is such a great option:

By leveraging the existing platforms of other, complementary creators in your niche, you have the golden opportunity to connect with new dream clients you might not have otherwise!

✍ For example:

I've been targeting platforms that speak to parents, moms, and women in general, and it's helping me reach those dream clients who might not be plugged in to the "stepmom space" already.


3) Guest blogging helps you hone your message

Whenever I’m asked for advice on improving your writing, I try to come up with something novel + new (I really do), buuuut…. it tends to circle back to the same basic piece of advice:


Not “talent”. Not “motivation”. Good ol’ fashioned practice.

Friend, when it comes to getting comfier, faster, and just plain better at creating content for your people, practice is the best way I know to get you there.

✍ For example:

I've been challenging myself to pitch 3 to 5 guest post ideas per week. That volume means more rejection, yes, but also more published posts and lots more repetition. And repetition is helping build my skill in thinking/writing/talking about stepmom topics in new ways.

Of all the possible arguments for guest blogging, this one’s probably the most universal. There’s not a business owner on the planet (*including yours truly*) who can’t benefit from more practice refining their message.

Just starting out? Guest blogging’s a great way to dip a toe in the water and share what you're cooking up.

Narrowing down your niche or planning a pivot? Guest blogging will help you sharpen your new focus.

Reworking your brand voice? Why not practice on a guest post?

Feeling kinda bluhbitty-bleh about your biz lately? Shake things up by aiming your expertise at a new crowd!

I hope this gets some wheels turning for you. In the next post in this series, I’ll be back with everything you need to craft a winning guest blogging pitch.

Until then...                                                                                            

Let's take action!

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