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Creating content amid crisis.

It’s maybe not a topic you ever expected to be reading about.

(It’s certainly not a topic I ever expected to be writing about…)

And yet, here we are, friend.

Along with an array of other challenges, the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has introduced a unique pressure into the lives of health and wellness business owners everywhere:

How do we address what’s happening, in a way that serves our people?

And while I’m a firm believer in asking your dream clients what they want to hear from you…

…let’s be real:

Right now, they might not have a freaking CLUE.

So, what follows is a short list of questions, designed to equip you in making an educated guess.

Read on for 5 questions to help you brainstorm what + how to share with your audience, when you’re creating content amid crisis:

1) What are their most immediate, practical needs?

We’re prone to overthinking, most of us.

And this is especially true when we’re creating content for our people.

It’s gotta be innovative! Transformational! Highly shareable!

No, it doesn’t.

Some of the most powerful content I’ve seen this week is super-simple, right-to-the-point, and ultra-PRACTICAL.

Consider this the content that addresses all the stuff that’s getting in your dream client’s way, right now. Like, this minute.

Speak to that.


  • A reproductive health professional sharing tips on how to hygienically improvise when menstrual products are in short supply

2) Are there ongoing needs I can address in light of what’s going on?

This virus has brought many aspects of our daily lives to a screeching halt.

But, just because your dream clients are finding their “new normal” for the time being…

…that doesn’t mean that all the other stuff they’ve been dealing with has ceased to exist.

Our issues… are still our issues.

Even with social distancing.

(For some, especially with social distancing….)

That’s why it’s so valuable to keep creating content on the topics you’ve been covering all along.


  • A therapist sharing a mindfulness exercise to help clients with anxiety manage contamination fears.

3) What gaps are there in the mainstream content being shared? What unique needs can I address?

Tune into the 24-hour news cycle for a hot minute, and you’ll start to feel it:

The disorienting sense that you’ve heard this before.

So much of the messaging we’re exposed to these days tends to circulate around a handful of core themes.

And while everybody seems to be talking all at once…

There’s a whole lot that’s not being addressed.

Think about your people. What pieces of the mainstream news surrounding this crisis might be dismissing, misunderstanding, or ignoring their needs?

Then craft a piece of content that speaks directly to them.


  • A public health official sharing a list of barriers that may prevent trans people from accessing timely coronavirus testing/care (+ suggestions for addressing these).

4) Who else’s resources + perspectives can I highlight?

You’ve seen it all over social media (…so it’s gotta be true, right? ;)):

We’re all in this together.

What if we applied that same idea to our content creation?

Right now, there’s an abundance of cool, meaningful content being created all around us.

Why not share some of it with your people?


  • A registered dietitian sharing another professional’s live demo of meal-prepping for a family with non-perishable ingredients.
  • A physical therapist sharing a playlist of at-home stretching videos she curated from YouTube.

5) What existing content can I adapt + repurpose?

In a perfect world, we’d all have limitless time to create fresh, consistent content for our dream clients.

But… #sotired.

Fortunately? We’ve got ready access to a gold mine of content, just waiting to be updated, repurposed, and shared:

It’s the stuff we ALREADY MADE, clever us!!

Just about any piece of content can be dusted off + given a new (more relevant) lease on life.

So, go ahead and choose one of your past posts, and simply UPDATE it with tips, examples, and/or resources that’ll benefit your dream clients right now.


  • A parenting coach sharing a past blog post on teaching kids about boundaries… updated with specific tips for families under quarantine.

Let’s take action!

OK, here’s your action step for today:

  • Creating content amid crisis? You’re not alone! Review the questions above, choose 1 that stimulates some new ideas, and get to work on a piece of content for your audience!

Cheering you on!


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