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Hot take: Reels are having a moment on Instagram.

(Oh, sorry. Is that no longer news? ;)

I don't think I need to tell you that I'm no expert on Reels. (Or Instagram. Or social media...) 

Plenty of others are, and I choose to learn from them! (Skip to the bottom of this post for my very fave.)

But, as I close in on my 50th Reel, I thought I'd share why I've come to love them so much.

(Spoiler alert: These aren't the reasons making headlines. But, they're all 100% true.)

Read on for 3 reasons to give Instagram Reels a try (that have nothing to do with "Reach") + my top picks for Instagram resources:


1) Instagram Reels build your confidence with video

Feel a little awkward when that little Record light comes on?

Join the club, friend.

When it comes to incorporating video into the content I share, my pace can be best described as the turtle track.

As I shared in this Reel, here's the rough timeline of my foray into video: 

2018: Tentatively show my face on Stories for the first time
2019: "Go live" one night (at 10pm) for approximately 3 minutes.
2020: Post my first Reel with minimal movement or editing  
2021: Launch YouTube channel

And while that pace has been slow by early-adopter standards, I'm totally content with it.


Because it's never felt forced or rushed to me. (Outside my comfort zone? Hell yes. But always doable.)

Because it allowed me to gradually expose myself to the process of showing up on video.

Because it resulted in a freaking YouTube channel(!), of which I'm immensely proud.

And the real accelerator toward that last step, without question, was the choice to start filming Reels.

Challenging myself to post at least 1 Reel a week, most weeks, helped me push past those butterflies and publish my first YouTube video. Secure in the knowledge that no single video is all that serious, and that even the most unpolished effort can be of service.          

2) Instagram Reels showcase more of your personality 

There are so. many. ways. to share your message online.

But Reels, I've gotta say, have won me over with their immediate ability to personalize that message.

I'd been sharing thoughtfully crafted captions in my grid posts for 2 years by the time I first dipped a toe in the Reels water. And I've been blown away by the ease with which they allow creators to bring more of our whole selves to the platform. 

In 15 seconds (or less!), all the opinions and insecurities and straight-up weirdness that have been baked into my personality all along come spilling out in little bursts of connection.

I know they're connecting, because you've told me they are. In DMs and voice memos and inquiries for my copy support, you've referenced specific Reels that have resonated or made you chuckle or put me (back) on your radar in a way that prompted you to reach out.

That's an awfully meaningful return on a few seconds of video, I say. 

While there will always be parts of myself and my life that I keep separate from the 'Gram, there's no denying that these little micro-videos have had an instrumental role in helping my dream community get to know more of me.

And that makes me so happy.

3) Instagram Reels provide a creative outlet

I haven't shared about this much, but I started this year off with seriously low energy.

As in, for awhile there, my booty was draggin'. Not exactly fertile ground for innovation.

And yet.

I credit Reels with helping keep my creative wheels turning during this time.

After all, the barrier to entry is so low: 

Just a few seconds + some text!
Show your face (or not)!
Pair it with audio (if you wanna)! 

Even when I wasn't feeling up to filming, just the act of sitting in the quiet brainstorming ideas helped sustain me, creatively.

Some of those ideas haven't seen the light of day. Others have.

It's all been helpful to me. 

From drawing inspiration from the recesses of my pantry to shamelessly flexing my impressive collection of Golden Girls swag to using a pesky pile of post-its to advertise my 1:1 services...

Reels have breathed new, creative life into my business. And for that reason, and the other reasons I've mentioned here, they occupy a special place in my heart.

Been thinking about giving Reels a try yourself? Do it, friend. 

But, don't stress about your "reach" or the almighty Algorithm. Just let yourself play a bit. Who knows what you'll discover in the process?


Recommended Instagram Courses

When diving into a new topic or platform, I love choosing one person to learn from at a time. (It helps guard against  resource overwhelm + allows me to really get to know the person I'm learning from.)

And, hands down, my favorite Instagram educator is Natasha of Shine with Natasha


I've taken every one of Natasha's courses + have learned so much about representing my business meaningfully on Instagram.

You can find more details about each of her courses below. Truly, they're fab!

Please note:
 As with everything I share, the courses below are tried, tested, + enthusiastically recommended by me. The links below are affiliate links, which means if you click on that link and go on to make a purchase, I may earn a commission in the form of a payment. You pay nothing extra; any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you.

In short: You can trust in my genuine endorsement of Natasha's courses. I'm an enthusiastic fan of hers + I love every resource she creates!


Instagram for Impact

Instagram For Impact
teaches the framework for strategically showing up in a way that makes Instagram fun and profitable. Ditch the overwhelm of what to post or where to focus your energy on Instagram for an impact-driven content strategy.

Who it's for: 

eginners who need the foundations for Instagram like their profile, content pillars, caption writing, and more. This course is suggested for those who are just starting on Instagram or want to fully revamp their strategy for optimal results.

Topics covered:

  • Audit your profile and optimize your bio
  • Content pillars
  • Brand emojis
  • Content planning
  • Repurposing
  • Idea generation
  • Scheduling and automating posts
  • Grid design
  • Caption writing
  • Video overview (Shine On Instagram Video covers this in depth)
  • Creating graphics and photos on your phone
  • Boosting post engagement
  • Analytics and metric tracking
  • Sales strategy and launching


Shine on Instagram Video

Shine On Instagram Video
will show you how to use all 4 types of Instagram video effortlessly in your strategy to build real relationships with your audience. Learn how to confidently create video content that positions you as an expert and leverages Instagram's major marketing features.

Who it's for:

Those who already are using Instagram and want to uplevel their strategy using video. This course is perfect whether you're just starting with Stories or scaling your strategy to include all 4 video types.

Topics covered:

  • Using The Insta Shine Formula For Video
  • Breaking down Stories, Lives, IGTV, Reels
  • My video workflow for Stories and Reels
  • Idea generation
  • Video outlines and scripts
  • Storyboards
  • Video batching
  • Repurposing content for video
  • Tips and hacks for filming
  • Video confidence
  • Cover photos
  • Tips and hacks for editing
  • Tutorial library

The Brightest Instagram Bundle


Save time and money by getting all the Instagram resources you need to shine in this best-selling bundle (valued at $1,000).

The bundle includes:

  • Instant access to Instagram For Impact and Shine On Instagram Video
  • Expert guest lectures
  • A library full of Instagram tutorials and lessons to stay up-to-date on the latest features and tools
  • Your Guide To Instagram Guides Mini Course for strategically leveraging Guides
  • 30 Day Reels Challenge E-book with 60 detailed prompts

This bundle is my top recommendation because it includes everything you need for your Instagram strategy.

Have a question about Natasha's courses that I haven't covered here?

Wondering which option's right for you?

Message me here + let's chat!


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