$99.00 USD

ON-DEMAND WORKSHOP: Build Social Proof + Reach New Audiences with Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

Want to accelerate your growth by reaching more of your perfect people? Tap into the power of (legit, ethical) media features, simply by sharing what you already know!


  • How to save time + streamline your efforts by identifying right-fit media requests to respond to

  • Simple templates for structuring your media pitches so they stand out + increase the likelihood of being selected

  • Sustainable, headache-free habits to help you squeeze every drop of value out of each media feature

  • Best practices + tips for cultivating relationships with members of the media, so you stay top of mind in the future

  • ...and much more!

NOTE: This is a replay of a live workshop. Links to templates + all other resources are included! 

I can't tell you how reassuring it is to know I’m not alone! I love how you shared real strategies, but opened up about your own journey, too. It was the perfect combination of validating and motivating.

Past workshop attendee

Michaela has been both a guest on my podcast and an Expert Contributor inside my membership, delivering one of our most popular interviews to date. Her real-life, actionable tools, combined with her personal experience, have been incredibly valuable. I cannot say enough about her contribution to my platform!

Jamie Scrimgeour | Life Coach + Digital Business Mentor

I love every bit of being around Michaela! She’s a warm, professional, relatable, real-life, down to earth communicator, who translates high-level ideas into everyday insights that anyone can understand. She leaves you feeling enriched (and smarter!) just having listened to her!

Becca Erickson | Emerge Mothers Academy