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Looking for the best tools to support your Pinterest marketing strategy in 2022? In this post, I'm sharing my TOP 5 tools and resources so you can start using Pinterest for business and drive more traffic to your website to grow your private practice or wellness business!


Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. VIDEO: Must-have Pinterest resources
  3. #1: Copy Bank
  4. #2: Canva
  5. #3: Social Squares
  6. #4: Tailwind
  7. #5: Expert Education
  8. Recommended resources
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Pinterest is the platform that is responsible for sending a steady stream of targeted traffic over to my website. Today I'm sharing the five resources that I wouldn't want to do Pinterest without.


Read on for how these resources can help you in your business:

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VIDEO: Must-have Pinterest resources



#1: Copy bank

First on my list is my copy bank. It's where I store keywords, content ideas, pin descriptions, you name it. If you don't yet have a copy bank of your own, and you'd like one shameless plug for my free copy bank challenge. It's going to get you set up in really simple steps with creating your very own database of magical words that'll speak right to the very people you're trying to reach. It gives you everything you need to know, it's completely free. You're able to go through it at your own pace. I highly, highly recommend it, you can join at the link below.


#2: Canva

Now as a non-designer myself, in fact, I like to say that my brain thinks in unformatted text files. I find it especially helpful that this platform is so user-friendly. It makes it really simple to store all my branding details and create templates that I can use again and again, for regular pins, video pins, idea pins, board covers, and pretty much every visual asset I could possibly need on Pinterest and beyond. I can do it right there in Canva. I love that once everything is set up in Canva, I can go in and just refresh it to reflect my new content, text, and fresh images.


#3: Social Squares

Speaking of images, social squares is hands down my go-to resource for images to use in my business. Social Squares is actually a styled, stock photography membership. It's unlike anything else out there. With a library of over 6,000 images and growing, you will never run out of beautiful professional quality, strategic images to use across all different parts of your business. As Pinterest continues to emphasize the importance of pinning fresh content to the platform, I'm more thankful than ever for the incredible array of images that are right there in the social squares catalog.


#4: Tailwind

Pinterest has a native scheduler built right into the platform so you don't actually need a third-party tool to schedule your pins. However, if you're finding that you'd really like to be able to schedule pins further out, or you want to shuffle up the order of your pins, or maybe rearrange them in different ways or connect with communities of other pinners then Tailwind is the tool I highly recommend. I have used it before. I love it. It’s my top choice for an outside scheduler off the platform.


#5: Expert education

Finally, with so much information about Pinterest swirling around online, it can be really tempting to try and cobble together your own DIY strategy based on tips and posts that you find. I highly, highly recommend that you find one Pinterest expert to follow and go all in on what they have to share.

This is going to help you out in a couple of ways. First, it's going to be a quality check of the information that you're following. If you're following someone who makes it their entire business to teach on Pinterest, it’s going to make sure that the information you're following is sound.

Secondly, it's going to bring more cohesiveness to your strategy. If you're following lots of different people's advice, it can potentially conflict and just bring a lot of confusion to what ultimately should be an easy, additional piece of your marketing. Jen Vasquez, AKA the Pinterest queen is the expert that I trust and have worked with on my own Pinterest strategy. She also happens to have been a recent guest on this channel. So go ahead and check out our conversation right here.


Recommended resources

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